Using this Form on a justifiable punishment won't get the punishment rescinded/removed.
Example: You were banned for a day for bug exploitation. The Bug exploitation was clear, was asked to be left alone while it's being fixed but you continued. You can't appeal that.
Please only make an appeal if you feel that a Staff Member reacted with unfair judgement.
Evidence will be presented against your appeal if the judgement was fair.
Following the rules isn't hard, just try to play nice with each other.

List of Lock Types:
1. Ban (Completely locked out of server)
2. Jail (Locked from Gameplay)
3. Adventure Mode (Locked from using Commands)
4. Mute (Unable to use Chat)

Appeal Form

Thread Title: <Username>: <Locktype>
[b]Minecraft IGN:[/b]
[b]Type of Lock:[/b]
[b]Length of Lock?:[/b]
[b]Do you know why you were locked?:[/b]

[b]Why do you believe this is unfair?[/b]
<Screenshot if possible>

Title: Animela - Mute
Minecraft IGN: Animela
Type of Lock: Mute
Length of Lock?: Permanent
Do you know why you were locked?:
Excessive Swearing.

Why do you believe this is unfair?
I said "****" once because I left my gates open and all my cows got out.
"****, my cows are gone."