And here's our First Content Update as promised~!

The Following Features have been added to the Server:
Fishing Ranks have been officially released. Go ahead and rank-up now if you've got enough stats for it!
Time to crank out to fishies and get an added boost to that selected job for doing so.

Speaking of which, Jack of all Trades job is now available to Emerald Users. Selecting it allows the user to grab a slight boost to all Jobs done. While it is less than Focusing on a specific Task (x1.75 compared to x2) you don't have to switch your job around and still get a slight bonus from all your rankups based on what you were doing.

Additionally the Following Custom Enchants have been added to Mystery Boxes:
Fertilizer (Common)
Rake (Common)
Lightning (Rare)
Warp (Rare)
and Decapitation (Epic)

While this isn't a Super-Huge update we'll be looking forwards to another update in September!