New IP & Updated Information!

By Animela - Posted Jun 11, 18

It's come to my attention that we've gotten a fair amount of new views recently. This is probably due to the recent changes.

To start off, we recently purchased the Domain.
This is a great step in progress as we look to open. Our original website url is already redirecting to this but what this also means is that our IP changed.
Not too long ago our Host decided to get rid of a few old Machines, our server happened to be on one of them so we were transferred to a new machine and new IP.
All BetaTesters then lost access to the server as a Result.

To further boost this and make things Easier we have been switched to as the new server IP.

To all Newcomers: SociPeri IS currently in a Whitelisted Beta.
If you wish to join us, we should be releasing soon.
When we approach opening as the list of things to do and bugs to squash get shorter and shorter I'll post an ETA when I'm sure I can give one. We are getting pretty close.

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