Content Update September 2018

By Animela - Posted Sep 1, 18

New new and New!

This Content update brings a couple new features into play that build into some of the stuff we already have so I hope you guys will enjoy.

First and Foremost, a New Profession!
You guys can already receive money by doing it now that it's released but of course selection the profession will boost your income.

Animal Handler allows you to gain money for Taming and Breeding animals. Taming or even Breeding does outweigh the cost of the food so go ahead and get started~!


Next up is something I know you guys have been waiting for: A way to Bottle and Trade your EXP!
To get started, just /bottle what you've got and you're good to go. Your bottles are then ready to put into your Shops!

Speaking of EXP, we of course have all new CE Items waiting for you to find them.

Beheading is a new mob-based varient of Decapitation that allows you to get heads from Monsters and Animals Alike.

Dibbler is an add-on for you farmers out there. Attach it to your hoe and watch seeds automatically plant themselves when tilling your farmland. Right click on pre-tilled farmland to get the same results. It may crunch an extra seed or two along the way but it saves a lot of running around and inventory switching. Just fill up your entire inventory with seeds and you're ready to go!


EXP Wasted on Mystery Boxes but now you've got doubles of stuff you don't need? Try merging them together the same way you'd drop that Charm onto your Equipment.
You can now get some EXP Back depending on the Rarity of the Enchantment. Get enough back and you can try your luck to get something else you'd prefer!

Speaking of the EXP Shop, McMmo Skill Vouchers are now available in the EXP Shop and the Treasure Chests. Get a Randomizer Version or Choose your Own Skill to put it into.


The Hide & Seek NPC will now pop up in several more locations around spawn. Having trouble finding her? Try searching in an entirely new spot!
She also now carries the Beheading Lvl 4 ce as one of her prizes to replace the unfavorable Beheading Sword. The slime-fun item didn't exactly work the way I had anticipated and with the Charm version you can at least put it on your own swords this time.


While I take the time to work on some harder stuff, I'm going to have to say there won't be an Update on October 1st and instead it will be 2 months from now.

Hopefully that'll give us the time we need to work through and get a much bigger update pushed out for next time~!

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