Animela posted Oct 17, 16

Expanded Rules: Link

Chat & Forum Rules
1. Be respectful towards all other players.
2. Don't ask for freebies. You will be asked to stop begging.
- This includes Op, Ranks, Money and Items.
3. Spamming/Advertising is not allowed
- Full CAPS messages are concidered spam.
4. Main chat is in English. Other languages are prefered to be kept in private.
5. No Trolling, Flaming, or Rulebaiting.

General Rules
1. This is a PG server.
2. No grief/raiding in towns. Wild is free game.
3. No TPA killing.
4. Play fair. Hacks and Mods are not usually allowed. Optifine is okay to use.
5. Have fun!
6. Staff is law, please listen to them.

Order of Staff Contact for help:
Helper >Chatmod >Gamemod >Admin >Owner
A helper should direct you to the right person and contact who's needed.